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Topsoil #1  Leaf Compost  (looks like potting soil)   $33.99/yd
The #1 is best used as a soil amendment and should be tilled into your existing soil although Boss grew tons of veggies in a pile of it last year.  We have many customers who add a few inches of this product to their vegetable gardens annually to help improve the tilth. 
Topsoil #2  Blended Topsoil                                                $38.50/yd
The #2 soil is commonly used for creating gardening and landscaping beds either conventional or raised.  It is a blend of screened top soil and leaf compost produced locally.  For Raised Bed Gardening, add some vermiculite and peat moss (or Bumper Crop) for better drainage and a looser soil structure.

Topsoil #3  Screened Topsoil   (brown dirt)                 $40.99/yd
The #3 is from our Lawrenceville supplier and is screened top soil.  This is best used for re-grading

Please note: 
Due to the nature of recycled wood products, you may find some undesirable items in your mulch or topsoil such as glass chips, pieces of plastic and other assorted garbage.  Mulch and Topsoil are made using leaf compost as a key ingredient.  The leaves are excellent to help the mulch compost down to a nice rich color and also add necessary organic matter to our topsoil products.  When the towns pick up leaves from the curb, they also may pick up some litter from the streets.