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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Belle Mead Co-Op open to the public?
A: Yes.  We became the Belle Mead Farmers LLC in 2000,  d.b.a. Belle Mead Co-Op.  We've been open to the public since the 50's and in operation since 1920!

Q: Do you guys fill propane tanks aka gas grill tanks, barbeque tanks?
A:  Heck yes we do!  Lots of them!  Detail on the Propane Page.

Q: Do you install any products?
A: No, but we can recommend landscapers, tree services and the like.

Q: Do you plow snow?
A: No, but we can recommend a few good guys.

Q: Do you spread mulch, top soil or stone?
A:  No but we can deliver it in 24hrs. and we can also give you the names of several landscapers and gardeners whom you can hire to spread the material.

Q: How do you open those darn feed bags?
A:  It's easy!  Tim will show you how!